If you ask Google what a vision board is, this is what she* will say:

“A vision board is a powerful visualization tool that you can use as inspiration for your journey toward your ideal life. Some people refer to it as a “dream board” or an “inspiration board.”  ~ Definition by Rosetta.

Vision Boards became a thing after the release of that infamous book, The Secret, which insists that positive thoughts produce a positive life.

“Oh, you want a Ferrari? Just think about how fly you’ll feel while cruising in it. The Universe will take care of the rest.” They said.

“Still nursing that crush on Michael Scofield** ? Well, he’s actually gay so you can’t have him, but here’s a new season of Prison Break for your enjoyment.”

“The Universe is your Daddy. Just let him know what you want via thoughtspeak and he’ll make it happen.” They said.

Now some people swear it’s hipster bullshit, but Oprah believes in it and Paulo Coelho wrote The Alchemist on the same premise so I’m gonna be smart and follow my friend Meredith Grey’s advice, “Don’t diss the juju.” 

You’re probably a lot less gullible than me though, so let’s examine it from a wise person’s point of view, shall we?

Before you can build anything grand, you need to have a clear picture of what it will look like when it’s done.

The architect’s blueprint. The artist’s muse. The writer’s storyline.

All three start at the end and then work systematically to bridge the gap between vision and reality; all the while consulting with the ideal to keep track, correct course, and/ or derive inspiration.

This is the lifeblood to the vision board school of thought.

If you know exactly what you want and remind yourself often of what you’re working towards, then you’ll inevitably find the means to make it happen.

Here are some examples of vision boards coming to fruition.

As seen above, Luvvie tweeted in 2011 that someday Oprah would know her name and it actually came to pass! You can read her recap of the experience here.

Here’s another one I absolutely loved:

If you’ve read this far then surely you’re interested or at least curious, right?

People say it works for them and some of these people are super successful and I really am not too cool to have some Oprah-induced mistakes in my book. 

Let’s give this thing a try, yes? 

The how of it is really very simple. Create a picture of your dream life and put it in a place where you’ll be able to see it often.

“The vision of your ideal life doesn’t have to look possible, just delicious.” ~ Martha Beck.

My ideal life involves vacationing in awesome places and dating smart, gorgeous people, so my vision board will have pictures of ALL those cool beaches and fancy hotels we triple like and share on Facebook, plus Jussie Smollett** and everything else in between.

And to all… A goodnight. Love you. ?

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They said delicious; I can do delicious. 

What will yours look like?

I’ll be sharing the finished results of mine here in another post, but for now you should head over here for tips on how to create the perfect vision board for yourself. There’s Greek mythology involved; you’re going to love it!  

Go forth and dream a big dream, my friend.

“When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ~ Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

* Yes, Google is a woman; we know everything.

** I seem to have a type, and it’s a bit of a problem. Heaven help ya, Kimberly. 

*** UPDATE ***

So after weeks and weeks of procrastinating and complaining about magazines being so expensive, I finally got round to creating my vision board. It looks nothing like I had imagined, but I love it still. 

If you look hard enough, you'll see all of my dirty little secrets ;)
If you look hard enough, you’ll see all of my dirty little secrets 😉

The key is to be flexible with it. Use the pictures you can find, and attach your own meaning to them. I actually just wrote out most of the stuff I couldn’t find pictures for, and I’ll keep updating it with time. 

I’m already starting to see results too, so clearly there’s a method to this madness. 

#Storytime : Do you ever find content created under an alias, love it so much and start to wonder what that person is like in real life? A few weeks ago, I created my first ever vision board and on it I wrote “Be more like Person X” She’s amazing, I look up to her in ALL of the ways, but she’s an anonymous blogger. Guess who was online about a week later to notice that she posted a pic branded with her real life insta on her blogging account? ME!!! So then I messaged her, and the above conversation happened.. and I geeked out a little. She’s just as everything as I thought she would be! The moral of the story is, #visionboardswork , make one stat! #visionboard #lifegoals #awesomebloggers #tsle #visionboardmagic #blackgirlmagic #virgoseason

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